I try not to swear too much because once I begin I can’t stop, but I am not sure how else to respond to a Feminist website calling Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a “smug asshole.”

Actually, I can’t really respond at all to Guerrilla Feminism (NOT Guerrilla Feminist Collective) because I got banned from commenting on their site forever earlier this year for pointing out biology is actually still a thing. Which is really too bad. Thanks to my Sicilian American upbringing I guarantee I would win in any war of the swear words.

Fuck you, Guerrilla Feminism – and anyone else who thinks it is okay to name call a feminist for disagreeing with you because she is viewing feminism  through a different cultural lens. Aren’t I doing the same thing, one may ask? No. This is not dismissing the viewpoint of a brilliant feminist and author using words better saved for Donald Trump. This is me expressing frustration at the liberal feminists who are LITERALLY dividing and ruining feminism.

You have made American feminism into a complete embarrassment. Flinging around the words TERF and SWERF utterly dumbs down years of complex feminist thought and analysis. And what’s worse, all of this falls on deaf ears. Thanks to a trend of no-platforming and banning and name calling on twitter, feminism now has a fascist slant, too, making this rant completely pointless.

It’s these low points such as reading the words “smug asshole” about Adichie from people claiming the name feminism that makes me pessimistic about the future of feminism, and thus the future of women’s rights. Yes, I am discovering more and more radical feminists in the blogosphere, but the marginalization within the movement makes it hard to take back the discourse from these liberal “feminists.”

Sometimes I just feel like we are all swimming upstream, struggling to make it to shore – and then bam! Along comes a fucking rock to just make everything worse.

Maybe I should stop looking at such websites, but I think that ignoring mainstream discourse is dangerous. So, in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, I’ll “keep swimming!”