“Cis Women. Miright?”

This is an actual quote from the Geek Girl Puit’s article entitled, “Trans Girl Periods. Yes, that’s right. No, I’m being serious. Just read the damn article.”

I was reminded of this gem today when realized I had started my period. At the time of reading this, and frankly I don’t remember how I came across it, I remember googling more into the subject and being utterly pissed in trans women’s complete appropriation of periods. According to them, their hormone treatments fluctuate and once a month they get “period symptoms” – so they get “periods”, while “cis women” get “menstruating periods.” In other words, trans women appropriate the original term, despite complete lack of biological function related to the original term, while “cis women” have to define otherwise. And many trans women and liberal feminists are buying into this complete appropriation and false description of biology to the point where it was covered by The Establishment as an actual thing.

So, why all the bother about acknowledging two types of periods? Well, for one, there aren’t two types of periods. Abdominal cramps are not uterine cramps; they are not the same. Trans women do not have the biology to have a period. They are asking and expecting us to play pretend. The issue is this: why do women have to be accepting of this new definition of the term “period”?

More to the point, WHY do women keep having to define their bodies and biological processes according to individuals who do not have those processes – i.e. males!? Why are trans women being allowed to dominate the discourse and decide the meanings and use of words related to being female?

To make matters worse, Geek Girl believes he is a women not just because he feels like one – but because he has cleavage and wears makeup (I am calling Geek Girl he, by the way, because he is acting out a traditional pattern of male entitlement. Although I generally have no problem referring to trans women as she and indeed believe in doing so overall, for the purpose of this article I will be using male pronouns to emphasize the male privilege present in extremist trans ideology). He has the prerequisite pouty picture of himself as female on the post with the description “That right there is a women.”

Yes, thank you for clarifying what a women is – which he refers to incorrectly as his gender – and by doing so reversing all the hard work of feminists to NOT define a woman by cleavage and makeup. I’m sure all the butch women out there who don’t believe they need to transition into a man, all the flat-chested women, all the women who feel uncomfortable in makeup, are THRILLED with your proclamation of womanhood. I can hear Donald Trump saying those exact words in agreement!

What Geek Girl doesn’t seem to get is that periods aren’t about just cramps. And believe me, given my diagnosis of dysmenorrhea, I get pretty debilitating cramps. But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that periods have been used against women in many cultures to oppress them – including ours. In the Western world, periods are still considered gross and shameful and better kept hidden. Just recall the recent meme from one angry college girl who was outraged at the outrage of a male party goer because he saw a communal box of tampons in the bathroom. He didn’t feel he should be exposed to such horrors. There are also still people who worry a woman can’t be president because she may blow up the world out of period rage.

This male’s outrage was not because of abdominal cramps, but because of our society’s tradition of associating impurity and dirtiness with menstrual blood. This continues around the world, too, as girls are denied schooling while on their periods, and other girls are banished alone to run-down huts to bleed.

Women cannot separate the blood from the period because that is the very cause of the taboo on periods – a taboo which continues to impact women’s lives whether they like it or not. Even if a woman doesn’t menstruate, which frankly is a sign of reproductive dysfunction and thus not equivalent to a trans woman not menstruating (despite trans women’s constant attempt to conflate the two),  she is still negatively impacted by oppressive blanket stereotypes of female menstruation.

Women have been fighting to take the discourse and meaning of periods away from the patriarchy, and have made many gains. But even though we are still fighting these negative stereotypes, we must now recognize a definition of the term “period” which is devoid of blood and any of these actual stereotypes – and thus any association to patriarchy. We must now concede the word itself and are being told to define our own process as something different. And we are being told this by individuals with male bodies. In other words, by biological males. But let’s be clear, the term “non-menstruating” period some trans women use is also problematic because it still forces women to adhere to a sterilized meaning they didn’t agree to.

If this were any other oppressed group, this would be called APPROPRIATION.

Males telling females how to conceptualize their bodies is a very important aspect of upholding patriarchy. I don’t care if you feel like a woman. You have stripped the term “period” of all the biological and social aspects with which women have to deal. You are appropriating the word to describe yourself and imposing new terms upon those who actually get periods. The most serious things Geek Girl brings up is when a woman apparently asks if he gets blood in his underwear, and the fact that he gets cramps. Well, if only those were the most serious things a woman on her period had to deal with.

To add more insult to the injury of claiming the word period without all the related oppression or the actual biological processes, Geek Girl dismisses the view of women who disagree with this trans ideology by saying “Cis Women. Miright?” Perhaps because he is not actually female (despite his pouty picture) he is not impacted by the root of the actual phrase which he is so humorously copying – “bitches, am I right?”

In one little sentence he has enacted the foundation of the patriarchy – dismissing the feelings and views of women. I wonder if he knows part of patriarchy’s reasoning for such dismissals is “oh, she’s must be on her period…”

There is another important factor here: the relationship between periods and pregnancy. Sometimes, when a woman gets her period, it’s “thank God, I’m not pregnant!” Or she may be thinking “why can’t I get pregnant?”

Or she may not care, may not really think about her period that much. Or she may be a lesbian who currently doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy, or a straight/ bi girl currently celibate.

But none of that prevents her from being negatively impacted by the period taboo. Even, if like Hillary Clinton, she is post-menopausal. That’s how pervasive negative stereotypes surrounding periods are.

Regardless, there are situations when periods are intimately tied to pregnancy (even with birth control), something Geek Girl doesn’t bring up except to lament he can’t get pregnant because he doesn’t have a uterus (and no, this isn’t the same as women who have hysterectomies, as trans activists try to claim).

You would think that being an ally to women would mean to respect the complexities around the word period and the processes of periods. If you were a true ally you would respect the MANY women who insist that this process is unique to women physically, socially and politically and say, okay, I won’t claim a biological processes that isn’t mine and in the process strip it of all it’s meaning. You would acknowledge that the term “period” is a very loaded word, specific to female oppression.

But instead, Geek Girl and other tans activists claim the reproductive terms as theirs, demand that women reconceptualize our bodies against our own objections – and then dismiss our feelings outright. All to uphold their personal, individualistic feelings and identity as “women.” Thus, when demanding women accept them as women, trans women are also demanding women define everything about being a woman according to trans ideology. Biological women’s opinions do not matter.

That is the very essence of patriarchy. Or specific to this situation – the transpatriarchy. And despite what trans women think, it means they are not natural allies to women, no matter how much they feel and believe they look like one.