This panel includes actual learned, achieved professionals and not just random individuals and pop stars (I.e. Laverne Cox, Emma Watson) speaking on behalf of social issues. And sadly, this same panel (with different people) was banned from Left Forum 2017 for being transphobic. This video is about an hour but please watch it all, it is HIGHLY informative and reminds me of my women’s studies program (before it became the gender and women’s studies program focusing on “masculinities.”). The last speaker, a mother of a gender-non conforming lesbian, is especially poignant as she describes the real reasons her daughter wanted to transition to a man — sexism, not some inner male/ boy in the wrong body.


From the original video:

“Jennifer Bilek, Organizer
Kara Dansky, Lawyer, Policy Analyst, Consultant
Kathy Scarbrough, PhD Neuroscience
Sam Berg, Journalist, Activist, Event Organizer
Penny, White, Momma Bear, Homeless Advocate, Peer Counselor for Survivors of Sexual Trauma”

From the Women’s Liberation Front website:
“Some members of WoLF will be speaking on a panel called Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy

This panel will address male supremacy as it is perpetuated by gender identity. We will explore the myriad aspects of gender including the difference between sex and gender and the conflating of sex and gender that is permeating society now. The erasure of women through control of and obfuscation of language will be addressed. Legal changes regarding gender identity, along with gay rights and the impact of gender theory on children will be presented.
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