“Mili Hernandez adores soccer…but last weekend, Hernandez’s entire team was disqualified from a soccer tournament in Springfield, Nebraska because organizers were certain that she was a boy. Their proof? Hernandez has a short hair cut.”

Yep, this happened. Poor Mili was misgendered and mis-sexed because of a typo on the registrar listing her as a boy. Her parents apparently provided their child’s insurance card that listed her sex as female, but the league still banned the entire team.

“Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy,” stated a devasted Mili after being in shock and crying.

Guess what hurts as much as being misgendered when you are trans? Being mis-sexed from your ACTUAL sex. Maybe the trans lobby isn’t aware of this incident, but so far there has been no outrage over this migendering from the trans police.

There was one very important response, however. “Fist of all, you don’t look like a boy, you look like a girl, with short hair, and that’s okay.”

That quote is from soccer superstar and lesbian Abby Wambach. I love Abby Wambach. I also just recently read that Abby Wambach and her wife divorced, and Abby openly admitted it was because she has trouble with alcohol and prescription drugs due to the long-term pain growing up as a lesbian in a conservative family. Thus my emphasis on lesbian. Because there is pain in this world for women, particularly lesbians, who grow up gender non-conforming but have no interest in changing sex. No amount of trans rights will make the world a better place for women and girls who choose to ignore gender stereotypes but do not consider themselves trans. They are left behind to deal with a world that is sexualizing girls at a younger and younger age and continues to portray generic photos of girls playing soccer with pigtails and braids. While girls who have short hair and consider themselves trans boys are publicly celebrated by the trans movement, boring old tomboys who are hurt when called boys are left to fend for themselves.

But thank god for Abby Wambach and all the other fabulous female soccer players who gave Mili words of encouragement. I especially loved Abby’s words “you look like a girl…” She more than anyone else knows what it is to live female and not fit the stereotypes. While I was reading about her recently, I also came across an article where she stated that her body doesn’t look like other females and she hopes her fame shows that females come in all shapes and forms.

Which is why, of course, it was ridiculous when Abby, an actual woman who is one of the most achieved soccer players ever, gave the 2015 award to Caitlyn Jenner for Woman of the Year. The picture of the two makes it starkly clear what our society still values in the concept of female – Caitlyn’s performance of femininity over Abby’s perceived masculinity, which is a genuine reflection of an actual female. Apparently the hurdles Abby faced growing up tomboy and gay paled in comparison to Bruce Jenner’s feelings of being a woman while being “forced” to live as a man. And profiting greatly as a man, I might add.

Which is why we still need actual female gender benders like Abby, women who are proudly female, proudly gay and proudly tomboy. Despite all the trans positivity flying around, a girl was still discriminated against for having short hair. Yes, it started out with a typo, but the parents were unable to convince the league the daughter was indeed a female. Or the league just didn’t care for girls with short hair.

I read a similar story about a girl at a private school who chopped off all her hair to donate to a cancer wig organization, and was kicked out of school by for looking like a boy. So, it’s no wonder all these girls are transitioning so young. People think they look like boys, that hair length  and clothes still determine your sex – and if they hear that they are boys enough they may just decide that they are literally boys, especially now that they have the industry to fulfill the fantasy.

So much for gender neutrality.