More rape threats from transwomen to feminists. Just can’t shake that pesky misogynistic socialization now, can we? FYI, I have NEVER seen or heard a woman from either side of the aisle make such sexually violent threats against other women.

Purple Sage

A trans activist named Cursed E who identifies as a transwoman has reached a new low by harassing a young lesbian with a brain tumor.

You have probably all heard of Magdalen Berns’ unfortunate illness.

What an unbelievable comment.

It’s unbelievably poor taste to Tweet this kind of disrespectful comment to a young woman who could possibly die of her illness.

This is the same guy I got in a little argument with one time because he thought I was being “disrespectful” to say that a woman in a relationship with a transwoman is not a lesbian, because lesbians are only attracted to females. However, he didn’t think the following blog comment was too disrespectful to allow in the comments of a blog post he wrote about me.

This screenshot is taken from his Jan 30 2017 blog post called “A radfem wrote a blog post about me.” I will…

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