Sweden is holding a concert for women only in response to a spate of sexual assaults at other concert venues. Or, as Emma Knyckare stated, an all “non-men” concert.

I am not a “non-man.”

I am not part of an abstract group called “non-men.”

I am a woman. A female.

The concert should be female-ony because rape is mostly a crime committed by MEN against WOMEN. This includes transwomen who sexually assaulted women when still men, transwomen who commit male-pattern violence against women after transitioning (as in the case of Christopher Hambrook, Dana Rivers, etc.), and transwomen who threaten violence with their intact penises against women who disagree with trans ideology. Not because they are trans, but because THEY ARE MEN, and you cannot escape male socialization by “identifying” as a woman.

Male violence against BIOLOGICAL WOMEN is based upon centuries of men believing they have a right to female bodies for sexual and reproductive purposes.

BIOLOGICAL female bodies.

That is the essence of patriarchy, and why men rape women. That is why men were committing rapes at concert festivals in Sweden.

Not rapes against “non-men”, but against women. Female bodies.

We did not create feminism to be called “non-men.”

“Non-men” is dangerously close to the outdated view of the medical establishment that women were simply incomplete men, thus not deserving of their own medical studies and care.

Thus not deserving of their own name, property, or body.

Men do not get to have their own category of identity while women are lumped in with others as “non-men” so as not to hurt someone’s feelings – someone with whom they may only have artificial similarities.

Like the traditional Western medical establishment, “non-men” effectively disappears women.

How are we going to fight VIOLENCE against WOMEN without the category of women?


I can define women according to biology without diminishing my status to reproductive purposes only.

I have a uterus. A cervix. A clitoris. A vagina. Ovaries and a fallopian tube.


And this should be a WOMEN’S ONLY concert.