This may seem a short and silly post, but for all my critique of queer theory and modern trans ideology, I though I would present an alternative that actually crushes gender – Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood.

Lafayette was a man who loved glitter, eye-liner, and being an all-around drama queen with some of the best lines in the show. But he never believed that made him a woman. Because let’s face it, so many women would never imagine dressing, or even have an interest in dressing, like Lafayette. Glitter and eye-makeup do not make a woman, and presenting as feminine does not mean one understands all the complexities of being female in a patriarchal society.

There was something else important about Lafayette. He had no problem with “male” aspects of his personality while at the same time dressing like a colorful disco ball. He worked on some sort of construction crew for one of his jobs. In one episode he grabs a bat and proudly talks about his high school baseball athletic achievements.

Am I saying Lafayette, who jokingly says to women “Listen, hooker…” is some sort of feminist icon? Of course not. True Blood was never meant to be feminist, it was meant to be ridiculous, over-the-top entertainment about vampires and shape-shifters and fundamentalist Christians.

What I AM saying is that if you want an individual that ACTUALLY destroys the binary of gender, go with the fictional character of Lafayette Reynolds. Lafayette did not have to claim womanhood to wear makeup and glitter. He did not have to give up his athletism, either. He did not espouse the queer theory celebration of an apolitical, neutral gender identity. He was simply a gay man with a diva personality who was also an athletic badass – and that was fine.

RIP Nelsan Ellis.