In Britain in June 2017, a woman by the name of Kira Leverton was convicted of child abuse and possession of extreme pornography. It seems that women are catching up to men when it comes to the intersection of violent pornography and child abuse. Kira even stated “It’s a girl thing. I like them ages six and up,” showing that women can view girls with the same violent pedophile obsession as a man

Except not, because KIRA IS A MAN. Kira Leverton is not actually a woman. Kira is a transwoman, a male who identifies as a woman – and who despite that “identification” still violently assaulted girls and loves violent pornography.  And yet the press has reported these crimes as if a woman committed male sexual violence, completely erasing the reality of how men treat women and girls under patriarchy. “Kira” lured girls through an online gaming app – an online predatory behavior almost exclusively male. Then there is this:

“Leverton’s defence team told the court the defendant was awaiting surgery to complete transition from male to trans woman, saying: “If she is sentenced to imprisonment you can imagine the problems that could cause. Prison is not geared up to cope with people in her position” and that prison would “damage her emotional well-being.”

Are they saying that this disgusting male predator should be housed with females? Maybe because he likes girls and not grown women it will be okay? This is insanity, and it is the result of tolerating men being referred to as women, men being called “she,” with no debate or regards to the rights of women. It is the result of being polite feminists. The same thing happened in the United States when reporting on male murderer Dana Rivers, who killed a lesbian couple and their son in a very violently male manner. And if you read the comments throughout different articles, entire arguments unfold over gender identity, with trans supporters lecturing us realists about how what Rivers did was terrible but we shouldn’t “misgender her” – that despite what Dana did “she” doesn’t deserve to be “misgendered” as male (I am not going to go search for every comment section I read – just take my word for it). They then try and say Dana could have been defending “herself” (with knives, brass knuckles, and arson). Or the trans activists deflect by talking about female violence – or pointing out that thousands of transwomen don’t commit such violence. So the fuck what? Fuck that shit. This was a hate crime by a male against women (specifically lesbian women), with male-pattern violence, and males everywhere are more violent then women – even if there are millions of men who aren’t violent, and even if some “identify” as woman. I mean shit, just because there are white cops who don’t kill black people unjustifiably doesn’t mean black people aren’t more likely to be shot by white cops then white people.

This logic would never be tolerated by liberals when applied to any other oppressed class, but it is widely tolerated from the Left when describing transwomen committing violence against women.

This erasure and conversion of male violence into female violence is also how Cherno Biko was invited to talk at the women’s march in DC – despite admitting to raping a transman. He ripped off the condom to forcibly impregnate her – something men do to the heterosexual women who go to Planned Parenthood to receive abortions (I worked there).

It is the same type of violence.

But because he is seen as “born a woman” and referred to as “she” this doesn’t seem to register as male violence outside of radfem blogs or Lipstick Ally (in fact it didn’t seem to register at all) – a site which reveals the anger and frustration black women feel about black transwomen’s needs being prioritized over their own. As one women stated, “So he did this to a biological black woman? Wow.”

And this isn’t an isolated incident of a transwoman abusing a transman and the violence being unaddressed due to trans reversal of sex.

I may seem late to the party, but two days ago I joined twitter and have witnessed transwomen and their allies try to downplay this male violence and defend describing these men as women by, say, describing an incident of a sexually abusive female. This was actually done in a conversation about Kira Leverton – a woman sold her 2 year old to a male for sex, so apparently transwomen don’t commit male sexual violence (or something like that – classic deflection. Interestingly, I haven’t seen anyone claiming that these aren’t “real” transwomen, perhaps because they realize this undermines their claims that gender identity isn’t subjective and that if someone feels/ says they are a woman, then we must treat them as a woman). Yes, there are rotten women out there. But the overwhelming majority of sexual abusers of women and girls are male, especially when it comes to pornography and online predators. Stories that report violent transwomen as women distort this fact of patriarchal life.

I have also been recently reading, across all social media and online comment sections, that there is absolutely no harm in referring to transwomen as “she”, “her”, and as “women.” That there is no harm in pretending and showing respect.

But indeed there is harm. By being polite and PRETENDING that transwomen are actually female, and should be referred to as women, we have fallen down a slippery slope that has successfully masked the truth about male violence against women – and the truth that transwomen are just as responsibly for misogyny and violence against women as all other men.

Through my work at an abortion clinic and homeless shelter for women (many of whom had been sexually abused and raped), my volunteering on a women’s crisis helpline and in a court watch program documenting orders of protection involving domestic violence, I have personally witnessed how male violence against women destroys women’s live. I have witnessed how girls sexually abused by men grow up to become mentally ill, at high risk for unplanned pregnancy and STDs, suicidal, and just all around fucked up. I have witnessed the hurt and fear of women abused by the men who are supposed to love them – an abuse also committed by transwomen against their female partners. Here is a quote from an “agender” woman abused by a transwoman – by a male:

“I don’t know how many people there are who are in this position, but we’re here and we’re being silenced by trans-inclusive feminists. We’re told that trans women’s rights need to be front and center in feminist discussions, even when trans women are involved in abuse and violence toward other women. We’re told that our voices don’t count because trans women’s voices are supposed to be louder and more important.

I don’t want to be a TERF. I don’t consider myself a TERF. I myself am agender, under the trans umbrella, although I’m told that presenting as masculine-of-center means that I have inherent privilege over trans women, so it supposedly means that I can still be a transmisogynist. I know and love many, many trans women and I don’t want to exclude them from feminism or women’s space and I to this day believe that trans women’s rights need to be a priority in feminism.

But I feel really sick and sad knowing that a lot of people are raped and abused by trans women but shamed and silenced into not getting help. Mainstream feminism needs to address this and it’s not fair that the only people speaking up about this are TERFs, and if I dare utter any of these words in trans-inclusive spaces, I’m just going to be shamed and silenced again.”

Notice how this woman acknowledges abuse by transwoman and still uses the word TERF despite understanding that violence committed by transwomen against women is male violence. This is how brainwashed society has become by trans ideology.

There is another aspect of erasure in this quote – being “agender” didn’t prevent this woman from experiencing classic male abuse. Sex still matters in a sex-caste society. And the sad thing is that she doesn’t realize that prioritizing transwomen’s needs in feminism AT ALL is also helping to erase male violence. How can you liberate women from men if you prioritize some men in feminism – thus ignoring their abuses against women? Because, in order to justifiably prioritize transwomen as victims in feminism, you do have to ignore their misogyny, otherwise it becomes extreme cognitive dissonance. Thus we have liberal feminists who still chant “trans women are women” and claim, along with transwomen, that transwomen are never a threat to women and thus should be wholeheartedly included in feminism – despite the fact that, even without considering the violence, women as a class have not benefited in ANY way from the inclusion of tranwomen in feminism despite claims that including transwomen is better for women, or that transwomen are redefining what it means to be a woman (they are redefining what it means to be a MAN – at least the ones who don’t commit violence. Only women can redefine what it means to be a woman).

At one point, I believed this, mainly because I didn’t think about it too hard until the women’s march – although I did see signs here and there and was starting to get annoyed. But also because violence committed by transwomen against women is buried or obscured by the media OR described as crimes committed by women.

In order to actually find these narratives and incidences, I had to do A LOT of time-consuming research. So if you have an otherwise sane feminist who is incredibly busy and has no time to do such research, how will you ever become aware of such violence?

Trans ideology has successfully committed one of the biggest social frauds of recent memory.

Transwomen don’t deserve to, and shouldn’t be, killed or abused by other men (despite their exclusive attacks on women and feminists, transwomen are attacked and killed by men – often in the context of prostitution, which also kills actual women). They should have access to jobs, healthcare, housing, etc. That being said, neither should men or people in general be discriminated against and be subjected to violence. You can say all this and still acknowledge that transwomen are a threat to women BECAUSE THEY ARE MALE – the same way you would say men are a threat to woman.

Ignoring the maleness of transwomen, using female pronouns EVERYWHERE in the media, and including these men in feminism, has led us down a slippery slope that is erasing male violence. It may SEEM harmless and respectful, but really this gender neutrality and unquestioning respect of identity has led to a complete breakdown of reality and denial of patriarchal violence. It has led to transwomen being viewed within feminism as the most trampled upon “women” whose needs must be met first – overshadowing crimes against ACTUAL women, most of which will never be experienced by transwomen (because they are male) such as female infanticide, honor killings, child marriage, the feminization of poverty, female genital mutilation, the thousands of women killed each year and the millions abused each year by men (including by transwomen) because of male sexual privilege, the proliferation of prostitution and pornography and the ensuing violence against women, the lack of reproductive rights, the lack of caring about pregnancy and birth that leads to maternal deaths – all of which, by the way, occurs in the developed world along with the developing world. Furthermore, trans activists, in their claims that transwomen are the most victimized “women” (in fact they are victimized MEN) completely ignore high rates of similar types of violence experienced by lesbians, which often leads young lesbians to transition to men.

Ignoring the maleness of transwomen and referring to them as victimized “women”  ignores their own violence against ACTUAL women. It especially ignores and buries violence experienced by “masculine” lesbians, which is often eerily similar, because, as the “agender” individual above explained, according to trans ideology masculine appearance gives lesbians privilege over transwomen – completely ignoring the stories of transmen, often lesbians, violated by transwomen.

Thus there is no middle ground here, no way to compromise with the trans movement anymore because we have all fallen down a slope that is bulldozing the rights and realities of women and girls.

Focusing on transwomen in feminism has led us down the slippery slope into denial.

I may use pronouns in person in conversation if a transwoman is in front of me so as not to start shit in public, but we cannot forget for one second that transwomen are men who are potential threats to the safety of women – and thus conserve female spaces accordingly.

The damage of male violence against women is simply too destructive to ignore, no matter what type of male individual from which it comes.

And I have worked too hard to ACTUALLY empower women to compromise in any way with the harmful, misogynistic trans ideology that is letting transwomen get away with rape and letting society skew crime statistics that reveal the truth about ALL male violence.

*Transmen should still be a focus in feminism because they are female, a decreasing number are de-transitioning, and because of the lesphobia and misogyny leading mainly lesbians to transition. 

*I still use he word “transwomen” and “transmen” as opposed to “male to trans” and “female to trans” so newbies to the gender critical blogosphere who still might think in those terms aren’t confused