An anonymous member of Hands Across the Aisle who describes herself as a life-long Democrat was featured on Rod Dreher’s blog at the American Conservative today, explaining her frustrations with the left’s backing of a ‘gender identity tyranny’ in American politics. Rod Dreher has been documenting the harmful machinations of ‘gender identity’ ideology and the left’s exclusion of their own, including feminists who believe that women’s political liberation is inextricably linked to their biology. Thanks to Rod for giving an exiled Democrat a platform.

Feminist Democrat: I’m Politically Homeless

A female reader (whose name I know) writes:

I recently came across this post of yours (“Gender Madness Alienates Democratic Insider”), which I found to be fascinating.

I am a life-long Democrat and a feminist. In my almost thirty years of voting, I have voted consistently Democrat. I proudly voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016. And I deplore…

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