I had never heard of Pippa Fleming until now because mainstream feminism has cut her and other butch lesbians out of the movement. They focus over and over on trans “women” and “femmephobia.” They believe men can redefine what it means to be a woman (newsflash: only women can redefine what it means to be women). If they really want the radical change they claim to want, they should have Pippa on the front lines, not Janet fucking Mock or any other male who believes he is a woman.

Here is Pippa’s recent guest post from a lesbian blog I peruse: http://masteramazon.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-warrior-queens-guest-post-pippa.html


by Pippa Fleming

I’ve been holding silence for quite some time but now it’s time for me to speak.

When a Black child presents with signs of internalized racism, we want to protect them. We want them to know they are perfect as they are and loved for exactly who they are. If we are conscience Black folks, we try to infuse our young people with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and support necessary, so they may survive and thrive in this racist society.

If little Lakesha comes home with “mommy I hate being Black and I want to be white” we are shocked, dismayed and sadden by her self loathing and rush to find the source of her oppression. Is it school, the media, her peers, society or all of the above?

So why when little butch Lakesha comes home with “I hate my body and I want to be…

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