Dana Rivers. Donna Perry. Cherno Bilko. Miguel Martinez.

All are just a few examples M2T offenders who have committed violence, including sexual violence, against women.

Then you have Jessica Winfield and Paris Green. Just a couple of examples of M2Ts moved to female prisons then moved to isolation because of inappropriate sexual contact with other prisoners.

I don’t care that there may be a few women in prison who sexually abused children or other woman, as they trans brigade constantly regurgitates to justify ignoring women’s safety. A version of “the other side does it too” fallacy. This does not negate the fact that most rapists are male and most rape victims are female. And that males rape with extreme violence known as male pattern violence.

The truth is that yes, M2T offenders experience high rates of violence in male prisons, but that doesn’t justify violating women’s rights to privacy and safety. What this DOES justify is the criminal justice system actually doing something about the high rates of violence in male prisons.

But really, this isn’t about safety, it’s about validation. If it was, the trans lobby would be demanding that the criminal justice system do something about violence in male prisons that impacts ALL male prisoners, then also respecting that women be given safe lodgings. If it was about safety, they wouldn’t be turning a blind eye to women’s safety.

See, although M2T offenders  likely to experience violence, they are not the only males in male prison that experience rape and violence. Gay men, men of small stature, and men with mental illness also experience violence at about the same rate as M2T prisoners – but of course nothing is being done to stop this particular violence. Male violence is widespread among the male prisons in the US, and instead of using this movement to clean up male prisons, leaders like Mayor de Blasio are instead putting female prisoners at risk – ignoring that M2T individuals have raped, beaten, and murdered women just as much as regular ol’ men – because they ARE men.

For more information on violent M2T offenders, visit https://radscumblr.tumblr.com/post/171844042106/transgender-activist-ordered-to-stand-trial-for