writing by renee

On May 3, I was called by a Radio New Zealand journalist to give an interview for Morning Report. The interview concerned my petition challenging a Givealittle campaign that asks supporters for funds to promote breast binding in colonised regions. After completing the interview and preparation, I was informed that this interview “appears to have simply dropped out of the system” at Radio New Zealand. The story was also refused for publication as a digital piece. This is a transcript of my own copy, with the interviewer’s identity protected.

Radio New Zealand (RNZ): So, tell me about your petition.

Renee Gerlich (RG): I started this petition in the weekend. It is addressed to Givealittle, which is owned by Spark – and Givealittle is a crowdfunding platform, so it’s marketed as a platform for positive change and social good. But there is a campaign that is promoting breast binding in specifically…

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