Jayne Ellen Heideck tried to burn down a gender clinic in Montreal because he was unhappy with the results of his surgery.

“On May 2nd, police reported that a man carrying a machete, an ax, and a gas canentered Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (CMC) at 999 Salaberry St. and and set a fire. There were $700,000 in damages, but personnel who were in the building were safely evacuated. The medical clinic, in Montreal, is the only one in Canada that offers gender reassignment surgery.”

The trans-o-sphere of course blamed “cis” people, calling it a hate crime and comparing it to attacks on abortion clinics (as usual, they appropriate violence against women and apply it to themselves). When it turned out to be a pissed off trans “woman” – aka just another violent entitled male pissed off because he didn’t get what he wanted – all the commentary stopped. Because, you know, trans “women” are not supposed to be violent, according to trans dogma. Trans “women” NEVER hurt women and never act out with male pattern violence. Over in trans land, trans “women” are in more danger than actual “women,” and it is WOMEN who oppress trans “women” – aka men – with our “violent” rhetoric that biology matters and our genocidal desire for our own space (we are LITERALLY killing them, you know!?).

This is despite the great violence women all over the world face in their homes (domestic violence/ marital rape – cause husbands own wives, honor killings, female genital mutilation), in public (stranger rape, acquaintance rape, sexual harassment, acid attacks), at work (rape, sexual harassment), in the wombs (aborted for being female), online (predatory MEN), reproductive violence (i.e. bombed/ shot up abortion clinics, forced pregnancies, sub par maternal care that leads to death cause women’s lives don’t matter as much as an infant or man), child marriage….the list goes on, much of which has nothing to with trans “women” because such violence is based on female biology – and in fact, some of this violence, including reproductive violence, has  been committed by trans “women” themselves. For example the Cherno Biko situation and similar acts by other trans “women:” trans “men” state that there is a problem with trans “women” fetishisizing trans “men” for reproduction. Except that isn’t a fetish. It is males attempting to control female reproductive capabilities for their own advantage. You know, the actual basis of patriarchy.

And then there is Dana Rivers, who killed two black lesbians and their sons.


He went to their house, shot and stabbed them, set their house on fire, and was about to escape on his motorcycle.

No outcry. Instead, Dana Rivers was reported as a woman committing a crime which is really a typical crime of male anger and violence – a crime eerily similar to the Heideck attack. Also similar is the fact that Heideck was reported as a woman by the Montreal Gazette. So we have two attacks, committed by MEN, with MALE PATTERN VIOLENCE, reported as female crimes.

And these aren’t isolated incidents. See my previous post on respecting pronouns in crimes, and how this obscures male pattern violence.

The truth is that trans “women” still offend at the rate of and in similar ways to non- trans identifying men. Because, well, they are men. And when it comes to violence between trans “women” and women, the violence is from trans “women” – aka men – towards women (and I mean real violence, not “oh you hurt my feelings cause pronoun…”).

Or in the case of Heideck, against society in general because they didn’t get what they want. Typical male violence, along with the sharp objects and fire – and it is an absolute insult to women to portray this as a female crime.

Anyone with any common sense can see a pattern of violence among trans “women” that is exactly the same as non-trans identifying males – and, in the case of Rivers and Heideck, exactly the same as one another.

Could it be that a pattern of entitlement and violence associated with a certain sex is at play here?

The problem, unfortunately, is that many liberals refuse to even read the blogs that report on crimes by trans “women” and also accurately call them crimes by men. Gender Trender is a site that has collected story after story of trans “women” committing male pattern violence, often against women – BECAUSE TRANS WOMEN ARE MEN. Yet it is considered a hate site by many, especially trans “women.” I don’t know how many times I have read that trans “women” are no threat whatsoever to women – or excuses such as “well, that’s not a REAL transwoman.”

Which means that men do indeed dress as women to commit violence. Although that line of reasoning, that these are not real trans “women,” is kind of hard to use when it comes to Dana Rivers, a long time trans activist, and Heideck, who actually got the surgery done.

Either way, trans ideology is dangerous to women because it refuses to acknowledge any violence from trans “women” towards women – or against anyone else for that matter. It erases our space, our lived realities, the biological cause of our oppression, while giving a pass to misogynistic, violent, sometimes murderous males cause they “feel” like a woman.

Up until they grab a machete and start a fire, that is.