writing by renee

Between June 12 and 17, two women were violently raped by strangers, while out in public in Carlton, a district of Melbourne, Australia. Eurydice Dixon – a woman I would have very much liked to befriend – was raped and murdered on her way from a stand-up gig. Five days later, two men abducted and raped another woman, also in Carlton. The news is horrifying, and very close to home. It makes me worry for my female friends in Carlton and beyond – and also for myself in Wellington, as a woman with something of a bullseye on my back. Since these reports, another has come from Jharkhand, India: five women were raped at gunpoint days ago after staging a piece of street theatre about human trafficking. It feels like the walls are closing in.

More and more, women need the female-only spaces our foremothers fought to build for us:…

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