This. Is. A. Man. Men are responsible for the vast majority of ALL types of violence in this world. And trans activists are just turning their backs on reality.


When you read this story, make sure to scroll all of the way down so that you can see the picture if this dainty little lady rapist.

Link to story:

This is a prime example of males using their government and systems to hide, cover, ERASE MALE violence. That lie that males have been telling for decades, the one about how women are just as violent as males are? This is how males are going to push their violence onto us. This male, this rapist, this hideous piece of MALE trash will be recorded as being female, as being a female rapist.

It’s an impossibility for a woman to rape a male.* It cannot happen. While it is possible for a woman to commit sexual assault, it is EXTREMELY rare. A woman committing sexual assault is an anomaly, an outlier. Males, on the other hand, commit over 95% of…

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