So I came across this article about Travez Perry today.

Travez is an enormous boy who goes by the name “Millie” and thinks he is a girl. Apparently he was bullied so much that he decided to repeatedly kick his bullies in the head after they were down.

And the Guardian reported everything using the word “she.”

This is so obviously a boy, and I do not believe he is some sweet boy pushed to the edge, as one woman who knew him claimed. That level of violence just doesn’t suddenly come out of a passive, sweet individual. Good lord.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen girls get into fights, especially when I was in high school. But this?

HE KICKED THEM IN THE HEAD. That is an extreme form of violence. He purposely chose to KICK AND STOMP ON THEIR HEADS when they weren’t even fighting back. In all the fights I have seen of girls nothing has ever come close – just some weave yanked out.

And they are attributing this violence to a “she.”

Are they going to put him into a girls facility? And if this were a non “trans” identified boy, would people be otherwise horrified that a male was beating on a female?

I don’t care how much he was bullied, that is a whole other level of violence, and specifically follows MALE patterns of violence, and using “she” just continues to erase male violence. There are several videos online, and in the one it shows the start of the fight during which Travez just throws the girl around like around like nothing and then attacks. His frame, build, and even the why he holds himself is so obviously male. That this individual is being indulged as a girl is beyond disturbing.

People need to wake the fuck up. There are pictures of Travez with makeup and posing stereotypically feminine – but a boy is a boy. And no amount of makeup or delusion will hide male violence.