Dude thinks he has the right to flash his dick around in the women’s locker room cause of gender identity feelings. Not surprisingly he got disapproving glances from actual women, yet still insisted on standing naked in front of the mirror to do his makeup ( which is what makes him a woman, ya know!). Yeah, buddy, no one wants exposure TO YOUR DICK. This is sexual harassment.


Link to the large pile of male special snowflake bullshit that we will be discussing:


Ok, sisters. Question. You know how you wake up and you put on the frilliest, glitteryist, girly shit that you can find? And you spend hours on your ladyface? With hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics, clothes, hair products, perfume, and all of the other “feminine” coded bullshit? Because if you don’t spend a BIGLY amount of time and money on your proper presentation that males demand that you perform, then everyone mistakes you for an XY? Because the only way that anyone can tell if you are a woman is if it looks like Revlon, Cover Girl, and Maybelline threw up all over your face? I mean, we ALL know what it’s like for the world to look at us and say HOWDY, MANLY SIR if our shoes are not high heels and…

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