The transgender movement claims that it is going to smash the binary, and accuses anyone of disagreeing of upholding the binary.  In essence, transgenderism is supposed to be some progressive state of being, as is the queer “non-binary” identity.

So, if trans ideology is so smashing of the binary – why does the flag representing the trans movement have a binary stereotype built into it?

How do people not see this? Baby pink and baby blue as colors representing girls and boys DEFINE the binary and the gendered stereotypes of what define boys and girls. This is not a progressive flag. It is a flag which entrenches representations of stereotypes I thought progressives wanted to get rid of. I thought we agreed using colors to represent sex was stupid.

I see this flag everyday on my drive to work as I pass a progressive Presbyterian Church with the rainbow flag and the trans flag in front. Which also brings up the question of why, if the trans movement is supposedly part of the gay movement, it needs a separate flag. I mean really. Basically, the trans movement gets its own movement while also demanding to be front in center in the LGB and feminist movements.

I am baffled as to how a movement whose own flag is designed around gender stereotypes is going to smash gender. But this is yet another contradiction in a movement riddled with contradictions. Back when I supported the trans movement, I never really noticed the flag. In fact, I am not sure I knew the flag existed as the movement was on the periphery of my mind. I imagine that is how it is for many people who say “yeah, we need to pass legislation of trans rights….” but don’t realize just how deep this legislation impacts women through entitlement to women’s spaces, short lists, sports teams, etc. Honestly, I didn’t even realize TIMs were actually competing in women’s sports until I began doing research into the movement after the 2017 Women’s March. I barely knew who Janet Mock was and didn’t know about autogynophilia or the Cotton Ceiling – just like I wasn’t really aware of the trans flag. I hit my peak trans very quickly after delving more deeply in the trans movement.

It might seem weird I am focusing on the flag, but symbols define movements. And for a movement claiming to be progressive on gender, it’s main symbol is incredibly disconnected. And unfortunately, people I know who are well aware of the flag as they are CONSTANTLY posting trans ideology seem to not have grasped the truth about the flag. And given these individuals call themselves feminists, I am baffled about how they can get behind this UTTERLY BINARY flag.

Speaking of binaries, I like to watch ridiculous shows after work to chillax, and so I decided to get into the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, a dark version of the iconic 90s show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I liked it, and thought it was cool that they had a female character that didn’t conform to femininity. The character is named Susie, and out of curiosity I googled the actress.

Well, the actress is Lachlan Watson, who apparently identifies as “queer” and “non-binary” despite the fact that in almost every publicity photo she conforms to femininity save for very short hair. Hell, I was more “non-binary” when I went to Walgreens after doing yard work and still wearing my baggy shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers, and showing off my hairy-ass legs (which I’ve stopped shaving). Oh, wait – did my long hair up in a bun kill the “non-binary?” Anyway, Lachlan goes by “they,” as apparently does the character Susie, although in the first season at least Susie is referred to as “she” and  joins a club with the word “woman” in it, which is why I thought this character was going to actually be smashing gender stereotypes. Here’s the kicker: Susie was supposed to come out as a “trans man” but apparently Lachlan felt that the character needed more time to develop her queerness.

So yeah – the only noticeably non-feminine character on the show is apparently really male. That’s right – one cannot exhibit non-conformity to femininity without really being a man. This is such regressive bullshit that it is beyond me how anyone can take it seriously, but they do. All over the internet Susie’s character was lauded as progressive. In fact, the complaint was that the show delayed her “transition.”

Except the character is not progressive. If the character was ACTUALLY PROGRESSIVE there would never have been plans to transition to a man, she would never be described as “non-binary,” and the pronoun “they” wouldn’t be used in articles about the character. IF ACTUALLY PROGRESSIVE SUSIE WOULD JUST BE A GIRL. And what kind of message does this character, and Lachlan herself, send to girls who hate femininity?  Oh, you are really “non-binary” and should use “they,” or just go ahead and transition because you are really a man. Apparently, if you want to break free of female stereotypes, you’ve got to lose the “she” because girls just can’t live outside the “binary” and still just be girls.

And can I say, using the pronoun “they” is beyond annoying. IT IS FUCKING GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT. It is a plural pronoun. I literally cannot get through any kind of article where someone is referring to themselves as “they” because it is like grammatical fingernails on a chalkboard.

I couldn’t watch “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” after that because I had no desire to see this quirky, individualistic female character who rejects femininity turned into a male or a “non-binary” character who rejects her femaleness in order to reject femininity. BOTH SCENERIOS ARE COMPLETELY REGRESSIVE. Not to mention the actress is now beyond annoying. It’s like everywhere you go is some nod to “queerness” and “transgenderism,” which of course I know all my readers understand. And how is a “trans man” going to remain in a woman’s club? Or would there be some queer mental gymnastics to explain this? Turning a female into a male – well, at least claiming to – is the opposite of Girl Power and female empowerment.

Truthfully, this whole “non-binary” and “trans man” phenomena is going to turn out to be the most effective way to divide and conquer the feminist movement by literally decimating the ranks of women by encouraging females to identify as male or non-binary instead of fighting female gender stereotypes.

Which of course perfectly aligns with the trans flag by keeping the blue and pink binary firmly entrenched in society.

Progressive my ass.