So I almost published this on my brand new birding blog…gotta be careful!

Anyway, don’t know if anyone has heard  but a woman made it through the first part of training to be a green beret. This is being celebrated on the internet as a step forward for women.

I see it more as two steps back. There is nothing progressive about the US military. In looking at the comments of the Facebook article there was only one person pointing out how corrupt and hierarchical the military is and thus this is not some progressive milestone.

The US military is not and never will be progressive. I din’t care if they become “LGBTQ” friendly or have an all-woman special ops team. The US military is how the United States keeps a firm grip on its power with complete disregard for the rights of other sovereign nations and peoples. The US military is the tool by which globalized capitalism is disseminated throught the world, widening class and sex inequality, with women on the bottom, and keeping everyone entrenched in globalism.

So while this woman is probably super proud of herself for finally being allowed into a violent, imperialist men’s club, women all over the world will continue to see their world destabilized by that same violent club.

War has never been good for women. Besides the general poverty and death caused by war, women are often used as sexual fodder by men on one side to prove their conquest of the men on the other side. Prostitution and sex trafficking proliferates with wars as soldiers demand acceas to women’s bodies. Entire markets of the sex trade in places such as Southeast Asia were introduced through American proxy wars.

Nope, I won’t be celebrating the first female green beret, and women who call themselves feminists need to rethink their priorities when it comes to the US military.

*I know that many men and women find the military the only option to access education and get out of poverty. This article is not a judgement on them as that is a reflection of the gross class inequalities in the US.