So I changed the name of my blog because the phrase “disobedient feminist” is so accurate in describing feminists now fighting mainstream feminism. And one huge thing we are fighting is the appropriation of the term “Her Body, Her Choice” by organizations, institutions, and ideologies that do not represent the best interests of women. Otherwise known as “choice feminism.”

This phrase was originally intended to address reproductive and sexual consent rights of women. It was addressing the right of women to set sexual boundaries with men and to refuse sex – an action that is still controversial. It also intended to convey the right of women to control their reproduction systems. In other words, it was about bodily autonomy for women in terms of sex and reproduction.

It was not meant to justify the institutions of pornography and prostitution. It was certainly not intended to justify the F2M cult where women who believe they are men to remove prefectly healthy female reproductive body parts- and if you read their stories, it becomes apparent this is after years of bullying, lesphobia, etc., and is not some organic development. It is being used to justify women who are claiming “non-binary” to also remove female parts.

When women are removing healthy female reproductive organs, such as breasts, to become nonbinary, they obviously become more masculine. In other words, in order to not be treated as a woman in society – i.e. belittled and objectified- they must present a masculine appearance. These “non-binary” women are thusupholding the idea that it is maleness that is human and female that is “other” and less than, that it is femaleness that must be erased and destroyed – not patriarchal structures.

And now people have begun using “her body, her choice” as a weapon to silence critics.

This is a very effective tactic long used by the sex industry because it directly refers to the threar to female autonomy. But it is a lie. Porn and prostitution do not promote bodily autonomy for women. How can a woman have bodily autonomy when she is objectified for public consumption and profit? Likewise, how is chopping of healthy body parts due to misogynistic societal pressure practicing bodily autonomy? It’s not, because conforming to society’s idea of how men and women’s bodies should be viewed amd treated means you have forfeited bodily autonomy to to society, ideology, and abusive medical practices.

You have allowed these harmful factors to control your actions towards your body. And because this action does not bring about societal change and has not addressed the pornified backlash against feminism and women that began in the 80s, we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of women identifying as “non-binary” and trans to escape the degradation of the female body.

“Her body, her choice” is not a green light for the abuse of women’s bodies, for porn, prostitution, and trans ideology.

“Her body, her choice” is about women loving their bodies and living free from control of men, society, etc. It was about empowering female-bodied individuals – i.e. women – to be healthy, strong, and free from the abuse and control of others.

And it is most heinous just how effectively this phrase has been appropriated and mishandled by forces harmful to women everywhere.