When I was blindly supportive of trans rights (like a good little liberal), including access to surgery, I was completely unaware of how the trans movement preys on vulnerable women and girls to spread its ideology. And yes, I focus on females here, i.e. FtT, because the likelihood of having been raped/ sexually abused seems to be a larger driving force for females when it comes to transitioning than for men. Many, many men talk about their feelings of being feminine, desiring to wear female clothes, makeup, etc. in driving the transition – but have no experience of abuse and rape because their desire to transition comes from a fetish for femininity. Although some men such as Janet Mock talk about the bullying and abuse that convinced them they were female because they couldn’t live up to masculinity (while turning around and using the slur “fish”( most MtT have lived with extreme male privilege (Bruce Jenner) and are in fact ideal men.

This is not so for women and girls wishing to transition.

Narrative after narrative of FtT mentions, at the very least, extreme bullying for not being feminine enough and/ or lesphobia, and often these narratives include severe sexual abuse. “My Body is Not An Apology” has a particularly revealing story of two “trans men” dating each other who have trouble with relationships because they were both REPEATEDLY SEXUALLY ABUSED IN THE PAST. And of course, one of them has Asperger’s syndrome, another aspect of FtT that just isn’t really present for MtT at such an astronomical percentage.

Which makes me and others believe that, for the most part, transitioning for males and females are two completely different things.

It is very disheartening to hear young women talk about their past sexual abuse, their past bullying, or their autism spectrum disorder and translate all of this trauma and confusion into a gender identity. It is very disturbing that what is, in reality, probably bodily dissociation due to sexual abuse is spun as trans identity. What this means is that the women transitioning due to bullying and abuse will never heal, and many detransitioned women have attested to how trauma and bullying led to their transition, and how their transition did nothing but exacerbate their psychological disorders/ issues.

It is a catastrophe. It is completely unacceptable that women and girls go through the whole gender identity journey and mutilate their bodies before realizing that their true problem is trauma.

It’s  very sad, and what is sadder is that all of this trans identity has been facilitated by men, mainly by fetishists, who want the world to indulge in their narcissism.

These men are perfectly willing to sacrifice these girls and women because, despite treating FtTs as secondary to MtTs in trans activism, these men actually need women who identify as trans because it helps negate the fact that before transgenderism became the juggernaut it is today, it was mostly men who became transexuals.

It helps hide the fact that transsexualism, aka transgenderism, is mainly a male phenomenon related to autogynophilia and, in rarer cases, to a male drag culture that worships femininity while deriding femaleness as “fish” and “cunts.”

The increasing presence of transitioning females – aka “trans men” – has given male transexuals of all stripes the ability to successfully deny that transgenderism is in fact a system of misogyny run by men that benefits men.

It also breaks up the ranks of feminists, particularly lesbians, making women less able to fight the onslaught of male transexualism into women’s movements and spaces. What better way to fight the female class than by changing them to men? And what better evidence of the institutional privilege MtTs have over ALL FEMALES by the mere fact of their much more visible presence in the trans movement and victories over women’s rights – including the successful de-platforming of gender critical feminists?

The sad and very obvious fact is that women don’t become men, and for the large proportion transitioning in response to bullying, trauma, and autism, they have only delayed their ability to heal. They have gained nothing and are being sacrificed to the aims of men who believe they have the rights to womanhood, regardless and the physical and mental well-being of women.