The Disobedient Feminist

A sanctuary for feminists who still believe in women's liberation and reject neo-liberal narratives of empowerment and choice activism.


Anthro Feminism believes that the goal of Feminism is to overthrow the patriarchy Рyet the dominate narrative that is Liberal Feminism does not truly address the structural inequalities that allow the patriarchy to continue to thrive. Particularly neglected are the connections between climate change and environmental degradation and the feminization of poverty around the world. Examinations of recent news stories and world events will be discussed, along with scholarly articles and even nonfiction as a way to fully examine the ways in which patriarchy intersects to oppress women.

Anthro Feminism draws from the author’s degree¬†in cultural anthropology and women’s studies and 10 years of experience working and volunteering within the nonprofit sector, particularly concerning women’s issues. This includes work as a counselor at Planned Parenthood in the abortion clinic; a grant writer and volunteer coordinator at a transitional and emergency shelter for homeless women; volunteering on a rape/ domestic violence phone line; and various other work for domestic violence shelters including a stint documenting order of protection cases in court.

Everyone is welcome to read and comment, and pointing out inaccuracies and providing new resources are particularly welcomed. But names such as TWERF and SWERF will not be tolerated, nor will derailment of discussions by overzealous policing of terminology. So please, keep the discourse thoughtful, intelligent and TRULY intersectional.

Image: the Goddess Artemis, who notoriously refused to ever live within the patriarchy.